Alexander Technique & Broadcasting

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Alexander Technique and broadcasting by Christabel King.

“I started having Alexander Technique lessons with Alan Mars because I’d heard on the grapevine that it was enormously useful for performers and that he was an exceptional teacher. I didn’t know what to expect but I quickly became hooked on my weekly sessions, gaining much more than just help with my newsreading.
I walked out of each session feeling light as air, aware that I was putting far more effort than was necessary into doing every day things like walking and sitting.
It taught me to become much more aware of how I was using my body and how mental stress affected me physically. I started to notice how I my neck and my whole body tightened up when somebody shouted or was difficult. And I could hear the affect on my voice.
So I became aware that I would have to try to stop this happening when I was newsreading. Sometimes, when something technical goes badly wrong in a television news programme, everybody starts shouting at each other in the director’s gallery. This of course I could hear in my earpiece with alarming clarity while attempting to read the next story. Alan taught me to make a quick mental check to see how this was affecting me and to try to release the tension.
I’m still amazed by how effectively even ten minutes in the Alexander technique lying down position can regain energy or help relaxation after a difficult day. It’s one of my mainstays. ”

Alexander Technique and broadcasting

Christabel King Newsreader and broadcaster Presentation training Brighton BN3 June 8, 2016

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