Wedding Speech lessons

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Dear Alan,

I promised I would let you know how the wedding speech went. I am delighted and very relieved to say it went really well – it could not have gone better.

In the end my wife and I made the speech together ( with me starting and finishing ) and this greatly increased the spontaneity and humour of the occasion as we have done everything together for so long!

Thank you so much for your guidance and help. The Alexander Technique and all your tips enabled me to face up to my demons and helped me overcome them – something I had not achieved in over 30 years. I told you that I had previously been on a course which was aimed at those who specifically had a fear or phobia of Public Speaking but this course, whilst helpful, did not really address the fear itself and how to manage it and overcome it. Your course backed up by your book did.

I really enjoyed the course and apologise that perhaps towards the end the speech became rather “too familiar”!!

Thank you again.

With best wishes,
John Yates

Father of the Bride wedding speech coach. Contact Alan Mars Hove BN3 June 3, 2016