Wedding Speech Coaching

The prospect of having to deliver a wedding speech – Bride, Groom, Best Man, Matron of Honour, Mother or Father of the Bride – can be extremely nerve wracking.

It doesn’t have to be like that though. I can help you to be more confident physically, emotionally and vocally. I can also help you to hone your words for the best effect and impact.

Read a couple of my testimonials below to get an idea of how the coaching can work for you. Follow this link for booking details and prices. Online coaching is also available via Skype.

“In April of this year – 2013 – I had a panic attack! My daughter’s wedding was just 8 weeks away and I would have to face my greatest fear: public speaking. I had to do something urgently as the up-coming event was making me physically ill; such was my fear. So I Googled and found that Alan lived just 15 minutes away from me in Hove. So I booked a few 121 lessons and bought this book. I read it cover to cover and practiced simple breathing techniques, how to stand properly and reading out loud to project my voice. My confidence grew week on week and I practiced my speech. On the day I felt nervous but fine. The wedding organiser said it was one of the best speeches he had ever heard; all thanks to Alan and this wonderful book; a must get!”

Kevin Brookes

matthew myatt wedding speech coaching hove bn3 testimonial“I was to be my brothers best man and had written my speech, practiced it but continued to have problems with delivering the punch lines, it being long winded and me petrified with having to stand in front of 160 people. I met with Alan who’s first exercise involved techniques for centring the body, breathing and projection. The immediate benefit was that I had more control. The next area was to cut the fat in the speech and form it into bite size chunks with fewer syllables, this improved the flow and aided my breathing.

I had 3 sessions with Alan and each time noticed a huge improvement in my presentation and confidence. I even began to enjoy the thought of presenting to a crowd. Having the right techniques, help with the script, my speech was a success thanks in no small part to the expertise and calming influence of my teacher.

How did I measure the success of my speech? The number of guests that came up to me afterwards praising me on a great speech, they had heard every word and saw that I was even smiling. Some guests even advised that I should join the Guild of Toastmasters or take up public speaking professionally.

I would advise that anyone who is in the position of presenting a public or best man’s speech should afford themselves the enormous help that Alan can provide. Alan, many thanks Matthew Myatt”

Matthew Myatt – Director at Harland Consulting Ltd

Dear Alan,

I promised I would let you know how the wedding speech went. I am delighted and very relieved to say it went really well – it could not have gone better.

In the end my wife and I made the speech together ( with me starting and finishing ) and this greatly increased the spontaneity and humour of the occasion as we have done everything together for so long!

Thank you so much for your guidance and help. The Alexander Technique and all your tips enabled me to face up to my demons and helped me overcome them – something I had not achieved in over 30 years. I told you that I had previously been on a course which was aimed at those who specifically had a fear or phobia of Public Speaking but this course, whilst helpful, did not really address the fear itself and how to manage it and overcome it. Your course backed up by your book did.

I really enjoyed the course and apologise that perhaps towards the end the speech became rather “too familiar”!!

Thank you again.

With best wishes,
John Yates

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